About Us

Tiny Hiney LLC is a one Mama run shop located in Florida. All products are handcrafted by Breauna McLain designed specifically for your baby’s delicate skin.

All products are made using eco-friendly, water-based dyes, inks, and pigments and all fabric is ethically sourced in the USA. 

The preflat and contour sizes available are as follows:

Premie 4-12lbs

Newborn 6-20lbs

One Size 10-35lbs

Toddler 25-60lbs

Note: All babies are built uniquely different so our sizing chart is just a rough estimate. You know your baby best, if they are tiny/chunky, adjust accordingly.

Prep instructions: All products are made with natural fibers. They have been washed and dried two times on hot water and high heat to minimize shrinkage and baconing/waviness. For maximum absorption, wash and dry an additional 5-7 times. Wash two times with detergent and the rest without. Dry each cycle as well.