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Tiny Hiney

OS OG Blueberries Rerun Preflat

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 Preflats are absorbent diapers with wings that wrap around baby and secured with pins, snappis, boingos, or folded under itself. A separate water resistant outer layer is required to prevent leaks.


Tiny Hiney preflats come with a 2 layer preflat and a 3 layer booster that can be purchased attached or separate.

The printed preflats have an outer organic cotton layer and an inner bamboo hemp layer. The booster has an outer organic cotton layer and 2 inner bamboo hemp layers. 

The solid preflats have 2 bamboo organic cotton layers. The booster has 2 outer bamboo organic cotton layers and an inner bamboo hemp layer. 

Fabric Content:

Outer layer: 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex. 300 GSM.

Inner layer: 65% bamboo viscous, 30% hemp, 5% spandex. 320 GSM.


The preflat and contour sizes available are as follows:

Premie 4-12lbs

Newborn 6-20lbs

One Size 10-35lbs

Toddler 25-60lbs


Prep instructions: All products are made with natural fibers. They have been washed and dried two times with hot water and high heat to minimize shrinkage and baconing/waviness. For maximum absorption, wash and dry an additional 5-7 times. Wash two times with detergent and the rest without. Dry each cycle as well. 

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